Tip #1 is to be smarter about where you park your car. I want you to start parking by lights or in the view of security cameras. Too often we look for the closest spot, especially at night, and don’t pay attention to where its located.

When you park under a light your car will be seen. If your car can be seen, you will be seen when you are walking back to it. A predator does not want to be seen. Being the coward he is, he operates in the dark where no one can see him. He follows the path of least resistance.

Sometimes, its still light when we go to the store or movie, but when we come out its dark. Anticipate this and park under a light.

Tip #2 is to don’t carry your cell phone in your hand or purse. Don’t be texting, checking your messages or talking on the phone when you are walking back to your car. If you are doing this, you are not being aware of your surroundings.

Walk with confidence, head up and making eye contact with people that you pass. Pay attention to what’s going on around you.

Your phone should be either in your back pocket or a jacket pocket and not in your purse. Here’s why.

If you have your phone in your purse and your purse is grabbed, you’ve lost your phone. If you had your phone in your back pocket you can call the police. You can also call and cancel your credit cards. Now here’s something else you should do. Have numbers programmed into your phone for your credit cards.

So, all the mugger gets is your purse, wallet and what ever cash you had. He won’t be able to use your cards and the police are on the way.

Tip #3 is to carry a self defense device. Pepper spray is good. So, instead of your phone in your hand, let if be pepper spray. I also recommend choosing a pepper spray with a quick key release. This makes it very easy to separate your pepper spray from your keys. I’ve researched many pepper sprays and do recommend Wildfire pepper spray with a quick key release. This pepper spray is very effective and one of the strongest on the market based on laboratory testing. You can find it on Amazon.

Don’t be haphazard with your safety. Don’t think it can’t happen to you. It can! However, if you follow the advice above, it may not.

Share this advice with anyone you feel could use it.

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