When we think about self defense, we usually think about keeping women safe. But, men are more likely to be involved in situations where self defense is required.

Normal levels of testosterone in men increase activity in brain areas involved in threat processing and aggressive behavior.

There is evidence that testosterone levels are higher in individuals with aggressive behavior, such as prisoners who have committed violent crimes. Several studies have also shown that testosterone levels increase during the aggressive phases of sports or heated arguments.

Because of this, men seem to get involved in more physical, violent, altercations. Many times reason does not work and emotion takes over.

So, here are 8 tips that hopefully will help keep men safe:

  1. Usually, its the mouth that get most men in trouble. I know its hard, but if you can control what you say, many altercations can be avoided. Try to think before you speak.

  2. If you are in a public place, like a bar, and a fight starts, leave immediately. Go before you or your friends become part of the collateral damage. Drunks can do indiscriminate damage. Usually a fight starts with two people. However, it has a way of expanding and bottles and glasses and chairs become weapons. Innocent bystanders can get hurt.

  3. If you come across a man and woman fighting, do not get involved. Man has a natural instinct to protect someone they perceive as weaker. But, do not let this instinct get you involved. The odds are both will turn on you. This has been the experience of many a cop when trying to break up a domestic dispute. If want to protect the woman, call the police.

  4. You going to find that its much more common today for people to have a mixture of drugs and booze in their system. It make’s them aggressive and irrational. Do not try to have a rational conversation with these people. If they insult a woman you’re with, ignore it. Think of her. If they incapacitate you, she will be at their mercy. Bring that ego to heel, turn around and leave.

  5. If you find a fight unavoidable, strike first and end it quickly. Do not assume that the fight will be fair. There will be no rules. My father told me that if you ever got into a fight, fight like the other person was trying to kill you. I know that sounds drastic. But, he meant that if you are going to fight, fight to win and win quickly. Getting hurt is a definite possibility. Do not give them the chance to hurt you. You want to go home safely.

  6. The smart thing is to run. If you can run away and avoid the fight, do it. People get hurt in fights and you don’t want to accidentally kill or permanently hurt someone. That could mean jail time and lawsuits. Nor, do you want to be injured or killed.

  7. My father told me that whenever he was out by himself or with us, he would always run scenarios in his head. If someone stepped out from that doorway what would he do? If someone approached our car while at a stop light, what would he do? The point is to be aware of your surroundings and anticipate any dangerous situations.

  8. If you practice martial arts, think twice before you let your ego and emotions put you in situations you will regret. It’s easy to go there in the heat of the moment though, adrenaline and tempers being what they are. But if you have a great life to get back to, it’s much easier to walk away when somebody spills beer on you and doesn’t apologize. Your martial arts training would also be used against you in case an altercation leads to a trial.

Remember, you have people who care for you. Make sure you always return to them safely.

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